Do you have a Guest Bloggers page?

Do you accept Guest Bloggers on your site? Then you need a Guest Bloggers page to state your post acceptance criteria.

I receive a lot of pitches for Guest Blogs on my personal site, SimonStapleton.com. Before a couple of years ago, I received pitches that were good, but many that were bad. The trouble is, I had to sift through every pitch to know which was which. A lot of time was wasted!

That is until I created a Guest Bloggers Page.

My Guest Bloggers page serves one main purpose – to clarify what I will accept, and won’t accept, as a Guest Post – stated as guidelines. This saves me a lot of time, because (typically) Guest Bloggers ensure that their post complies with my guidelines before they send me their pitch.

Before I even read a pitch, I request that my Guest Bloggers read my guidelines and confirm they have done so.

Those Guest Bloggers who send me a post that doesn’t comply, I reject it and block the sender.

This might seem very draconian – but so much time is wasted by reading posts of poor quality. Do you have time to waste?

Guest Bloggers Page Content

Take a look at my Guest Bloggers page for an example. Your page should contain the following:

  • A description of your subjects/niche
  • An overview of your audience, market-segments or demographic
  • The language you post in
  • Number of words for each post
  • Style guidelines
  • Guidance on desired subjects
  • Make sure you state that you accept original content only!
  • Format, e.g. MS Word
  • How you wish to receive submissions/pitches

The Result

I still receive bad pitches, but far fewer!

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