How to Approach a Publisher with a Guest Post Idea

The best Guest Bloggers are skilled not just in writing, but in getting their idea accepted. Let’s face it, there are many Guest Bloggers vying for attention, so we are in a competitive environment. Guest Bloggers who go that extra step have the best chance of being heard, and published.

I recommend providing 8 essentials components in your pitch:

  1. Have a strong message to share, with a strong post title. It’s got to grab attention. Not just of the host blogger, but also their audience.
  2. State how you intend to deliver on this message. Describe how you will use words to convey your message, taking readers from the post title to final conclusion. A ‘story’ works best, so describe the key points in your story in your pitch.
  3. Clarify why your idea is relevant and appropriate for the host blog. Help the host blogger out by being clear as to why your idea adds value to their audience and why it aligns to the blog’s purpose, and current content.
  4. State your intended post length. Post length is very important to host bloggers, so should be stated in your pitch.
  5. Be clear on what you expect from your Guest Post. You’re pitching for a Guest Post for your benefit, and the host blogger isn’t stupid. It’s much better to be upfront about this. If you want links from the post content or your bio, then say so. If you want the host blogger to add a foreword, then say so.
  6. Provide examples of previous work. This always help establish your credibility and demonstrate the quality of your work. Where possible, choose pieces most relevant to the host blogger’s niche.
  7. Make sure your state that your post will be truly unique. One big concern of host bloggers is uniqueness. Search Engines like Google penalize websites heavily for duplicate content – so assure the host blogger that your post will be written from scratch.
  8. State the obvious, but often left unsaid. There are some things that can be too obvious to say… wrong. State what language you’ll write the post in; state what format it will be in (e.g. Microsoft Word); state your name.

Most importantly, check if your host blogger has published Guest Blogger guidelines that your post must adhere to, and if there is a procedure for pitching for guest posts. Not complying with these will waste your time!

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