Use Word Association to inspire your next Guest Post

Searching for an idea for your next Guest Post? Then Word Association might be just what you’re looking for.

You’ve found the perfect host blog for your next Guest Post… so what do you write about?

First of all, do your research

You need to do some homework before pitching for a Guest Post. It can be as simple as looking at the post history of your target host blog and identifying its key subject(s) or niche. Often, the clue is in the title!

Researching your target blog is well worth the effort, as you will also learn the house style, tone of voice and target demographic. These are very important when writing your Guest Post, as aligning the way you write to the host blog will require the host blogger to perform less editing (which results in less work and a happier blogger.)

Then, you’ll seek a relevant subject

If your target host blog’s niche is about playing hockey, then there is no point in writing a post about sausages.

But then again, you might know little about playing hockey. What then?

This can cause a major blockage in the minds of bloggers. Let’s add a bit of creativity.

Word Association could be the solution. Host bloggers accept posts as long as it is relevant to their niche – but rarely refuse posts if they’re not completely within their niche.

For hockey, associated words are:

  • stick
  • game
  • season
  • puck
  • player
  • mask
  • practice
  • injury
  • athlete

So a blog about playing hockey will likely publish posts about the benefits of practice, or body protection, or how to treat bruises, or nutrition for athletes. Get the picture? Most likely, the possibilities are numerous and inexhaustible. Build a large enough group of associated words, and you can’t fail to discover a subject you can write about, AND have the post published.

For further inspiration, look at forums associated with the niche. In this example, I would open google and search for ‘playing hockey forum’. Search in these forums to identify common problems or opportunities.

A shortcut

Building up a list of associated words can take time, and tax your brain. I often scratch my head thinking about this. If only there was a shortcut. Well, there is.

Try this: go to the Word Association Network website and search for associated words for the subject. It really works, and it’s free to use!

Keep it relevant

Whatever you do, maintain relevance. An associated word has to be genuinely associated – not squashed to fit because it conveniently words for you. Pitching posts that have no relevance to your target host blog will waste your time, and theirs, so I advise you to put the effort in. If, after racking your brains and you still arrive at nada, then consider the possibility that you really don’t have anything to offer the host blogger, and find another target!

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